Hey Everyone today im gonna be talking about ModNation Racers on the Vita it is also on PS3 as well but i opted for the PSVita version ok let’s get into it i have to say ModNation Racers still looks great even today the modes are ok first you have Shop Station where try you luck at winning customization parts and car parts you can gamble 1 2 or 5 tokens to see what you get.The Second Mode is Kart Studio where you guessed it you customize your own cars with paint decals,wheels,engines,Spoilers and much more this is on the same level as Little Big Planet Karting on PS3.The Third Mode is Mod Studio where you create your own Character from Thousands of custom parts anything from Clothes,Shoes,Pants,Gloves etc. there a ton of stuff in this creator although some of it is locked at the start ok on to the next mode.The Fourth Mode is Favorites where here you can display your Favorite Driver and Kart in all their glory pretty simple ok next mode is probably why people bought this game.

The Fifth Mode is the awesome Track Studio which as you guessed it lets you create your own Tracks and Maps be it a Desert Stage Tundra stage or even a nice Summer stage this is where your will probably gonna spend most of your time ok one to the second to last mode.The Sixth Mode is Share Station which lets you download and upload your own content and other players creations which i think is amazing some of the custom characters you will find online makes you wonder how the heck did you do that you can download Tracks,Characters and Karts this game has massive amounts of User created content ok on to the Final Mode.The Final Mode for this game is Race Station which yes lets you race you have Quick Race which lets you jump straight in and race next is Time Trial where you set the fastest times and create Ghost data for others to race against the Third mode is Career mode which is a Tour of sorts you have 6 different Tours you can do 5 being the normal amount with the 6th being Bonus Tour which is unlocked after you beat all 5 ok finally theres Ad Hoc Mode which i never used since i don’t really know anyone with a Vita in my area so can’t say much about this.

On a final note there is no Online Multiplayer on the Portable Version but the Creation and Community make up for the lack of Online Multiplayer.